Eagle's Nest

The following members of Troops 205 have been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Scouting. The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes their accomplishment. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.

Several troops have merged over the years to form the current "Troop 205" including Troops 242 and Troops 219. Below are the Eagle scouts from the troops including their troop number. They are listed alphabetically within their "Eagle Board of Review" year.

Alexander Watson (205)

Ryan Lin (205)

Rohan Peters (205)


Alex's Eagle Scout Project was orchestrating a large clothing and shoe drive on behalf of the Cradles to Crayons charity organization. He organized the collection and sorting of almost 60 bags filled with cloths and shoes.

Ryan's Eagle Scout Project was conducted at Dolan Pond in West Newton, where he created two native plant pollinator gardens for the Newton Conservation Commission. The gardens were created with only native pollinator plants. The project's goal was to help support the native pollinators (butterflies, bees, hummingbirds) and explain to the community the benefit of native pollinator plants. He worked with the Conservation Commission, Newton Pollinator Working Group, teachers, and the troop to create the gardens.

Rohan worked with the Newton Conservation Commission to execute his Eagle Scout Service Project in Webster Woods. Webster Woods is a forested 118-acre park with a pond, marshes and sandstone cliffs frequented by hikers and rock climbers. The Webster Woods Cliff's trail had fallen into disrepair. It was poorly marked, blocked with several large fallen trees, crowded with overgrowth, and had a steep highly erodible section that hikers needed to navigate to move between the base and top of the cliffs. Rohan and his team of volunteers spent nearly 100 hours marking the trail with blazes. removing obstructions, clearing away brush, cleaning up trash, and building steps in the steep section of the trail to prevent farther erosion and make the area more accessible. Over 1500 lb of lumber were moved by hand from the road to the site where the steps were installed.

Nikolas Page (205)

Zachary Lobel (205)


Nikolas's Eagle Scout Project was to build a permanent orienteering course in Cold Spring Park. A number of control points were set up throughout the park to enable future orienteering skills training and enjoyment.

Zachary's Eagle Scout Project involved working with the City of Newton Urban Forestry Department to document the ecological benefits of private urban trees in Newton using a model (iTree Eco). The project gathered information on 387 trees from 34 properties used to seed the model to help provide greater awareness of the benefits of private urban trees.

Ryan Sutliff (205)

Scott Savage (205)

Chris Connolly (205)


Ryan's Eagle Scout Project was to install solar post lights along a path at the Carroll Center for the Blind. The lights add a level of contrast to the Campus to make it more negotiable for the visually impaired with some remaining vision. Ryan raised the $ 400 for the materials and lead a group of scouts in installing the posts and lights.

Scott's Eagle Scout Project involved constructing an outdoor stage platform for the local nature center at Nahanton Park in Newton, MA. The Nahanton Park nature center hosts a variety of programs including summer camp. The stage enables an assortment of activities for campers to learn about the natural world.

Christopher's Eagle Scout Project consisted of removing invasive species along with rooting native plants within two larges areas at Kennard Conservation for Newton Parks and Recreation. The invasive species were overgrown and chocking out native trees / plants impacting nesting and feeding by native animals. Native perennials were planted in an area close by.

Michael Bickford (205)

Chris Turney (205)

Benjie Eisen (205)

Jack Mayer (205)

Peter Janosky (205)

Oscar Pontiff (205)

Declan Griffin (205)


Michael's Eagle Scout Project involved widening Florrie's Path. Florrie's path is a trail at Nahanton Park that had fallen into disrepair. Michael lead a team that that removed brush and small trees in order to widen the path from 2 ft to 4 ft. This allowed the trail to be open again for public use as well as a summer camp that used Florrie's path as part of their activities.

Chris's Eagle Scout Project was to install Bat Houses in Nahanton Park. The houses helped to reduce the problem of bat habitat loss and also helped to aid in helping to reduce the mosquito population at the community gardens that could transmit diseases like Zika and West Nile.

Benjie's Eagle Scout Project consisted of building two benches for the Community Garden's of Newton in Nahanton Park. The goal of the project was to give local gardeners, who rent more than 100 garden plots from the city, a place to sit and relax while tending to their gardens.

John's Eagle Scout Project was to coordinate a blood drive. John had Leukemia as a youth and through the help of Dana Farber, was cured 14 years earlier. The Drive was a way for John to give back to the people who helped save his life.

Peter's Eagle Scout Project involved organizing the construction of an outdoor bulletin board in Nahanton Park. The project helped to make the park more accessible to visitors by providing trail maps and wildlife information. The board also benefitted Newton Parks and Recreation as well as summer camps and other organizations that use the park by allowing them to publicize their events and encourage participation.

Oscar's Eagle Scout Project was to build a ga-ga pit in Burr Park to benefit students at Bigelow Junior High, members of the surrounding community, and the Newton Community Education summer camp. Gaga is a fast paced kindler gentler version of dodge ball played with a soft foam ball. Players must hit opposing players with the ball below the knees to get them out.

Declan's Eagle Scout Project was to help turn over abandoned garden plots at the Newton Community Garden's of Nahanton Park. After the abandoned plots were turned over, they could be rented out to fellow Newton Citizens to help raise income for the city and to also be used for the enjoyment of new gardeners.

Francis Doyle (205)

Brendan Sutliff (205)

Donald Ha (205)

Angelo Visciano (205)


Frankie's Eagle Scout Project benefited the Centre Street Food Pantry in Newton. Frankie worked with his local Whole Foods to help setup a food collection day. Over $400 was collected as well as over 700 lb of donated food and personal care products.

Brendan's Eagle Scout Project was the replacement of the Little League Scoreboard at Hardiman Park in the Oak Square Neighborhood of Brighton, MA. The old scoreboards had not been usable for 15 years. His efforts lead to $ 2,000 being raised to replace the scoreboard.

Donald's Eagle Scout Project removed invasive plant species from Kennard Park at the Newton Parks and Recreation Center. Oriental Bittersweet vines had not been pruned in 50 years and were strangling trees. The scouts removed almost 50 bag of vines over two days.

Angelo's Eagle Scout Project involved cleaning the War Memorial at Newton City Hall. The War Memorial had not been cleaned in several years and needed to be cleaned out before any planned renovation could begin. Loose Souvenirs were archived and taken to the library and the Displays were cleaned.

Schuyler Grygiel (205)

Matteo DeRocco (205)

Samuel Burnham (205)

Lee Ding (205)

Aidan Sullivan (205)

Thomas Connolly (205)


Schuler's Eagle Scout Project was to help the Carroll Center for the Blind assist the visually impaired in selecting appropriate images for documents and PowerPoint presentations. He lead a team of volunteers in creating descriptions for over a thousand images. These summaries helped blind and visually impaired locate photos for their documents.

Matt completed his Eagle Scout Project with Brockwood in Georgetown (BIG), TX. This is a program for young adults with disabilities. They learned to make pottery, arts and crafts. Matt built two nested tables so that they could sell their wares.

Sammy's Eagle Scout Project was to build a bocce court at the Carroll Center for the Blind. This 10x 60 court provides blind people with the opportunity to practice independent skills, learn depth perception through hearing, and have a great time plating a relaxed sociable game.

Lee's Eagle Scout Project was to improve the accessibility of the Newton city community gardens at Nahanton Park. The projected marked approximately 150 plots with labeling stakes that corresponded to their plot designation on garden maps on the garden's bulletin board making it much easier for city parks and recreation to track an administer the plots for prospective gardeners.

Aiden lead a project to remove invasive water chestnuts from a section of the Charles River in Newton. Aiden lead 24 Volunteers in 12 canoes at the Newton Boathouse in the removal of 2,700 lbs of water chestnuts.

Tommy's Eagle Scout Project was to collect hygiene items for the Catholic Charities of Boston who service low-income families / children. Tommy collected 3,455 items plus a monetary donation of $300.

Richard Gallo (205)

Benjamin Janosky (205)

Jacob Sallaway (205)


Richard's Eagle Scout Project consisted on restoring a trail at Nahanton Park. A 1/4 loop trail was mapped out and 230 hours of preparation and labor were applied to clearing the trail, edging and laying down wood chips.

Ben's Eagle Scout Project was to run a summer food drive throughout 10 of the Newton summer camps including Fessenden Day Camp. About 80 bags of food were collected in addition to several boxes and bins. Newton City hall continued the drive in the summers that followed.

Jacob's Eagle Scout Project involved constructing a butterfly garden in Newton, MA. The garden was intended to attract butterflies to the park and provide a pleasant display of flowers. The garden was also meant for the benefit of the summer camp Puddle Stompers, a camp designed to get younger kids interested in Nature.


Nolan Griffin (205)

Kyle Hubner (242)

Johannes Page (205)

Jake Scherlis (205)


Kyle's Eagle Scout Project was to conduct an Essentials and Toiletry drive to benefit the St. Mary's Center for Women and Children - Bridge Home in Dorchester. For over 150 years, the home has sheltered and comforted victims of abuse and neglect. Over 3500 items and more than $ 3000 were collected. In the end, 25 large containers, 15 fully packed backpacks and numerous toys were delivered.


George Hauser (242)

Andrew Hutner (205)

Matias Page (242)


John Burnham (205)

Erik Iversen (242)


Oliver Koester (242)

Andrew Norcross (242)


Varun Ramadurai (205)

John Terwilliger (242)


Kenneth Chang (242)


Andrew Schneider (205)


Allen Pope (205)

Alex Tun (242)


Benjamin Pope (205)

Colin Slifka (242)


Michael Sindelar (205)


George Brown (205)

Charles Fisher (242)

Matthew Mosher (242)

Christopher Schneider (205)


Thomas Goff (242)


Leavitt Pope (205)

Tony Sindelar (242)

Asa Swain (242)


Michael Mazzotta (205)

Joshua Pierce (242)

James Pomeroy (205)


Austin Falxa (205)

Eli Freedman (242)

Robert Karl (242)


Boulat Bash (242)

Michael Froimowitz (242)

Darren Opland (205)


Justin Falxa (205)

Daniel Greenstein (205)

David Henry (242)

Benjamin Pellegrom (242)

Kenneth Roberts (242)

Cory Silken (242)


Peter O'Connor (205)


Mark Opland (205)

Douglas Straley (242)


Adam Sneider (219)


Garth Bruen (205)


Michael Leone (205)


Edward Heinemann (242)

Joseph O'Malley (205)

Richard Ward (205)


Michael McSweeney (205)


Michael Jaillet (205)

Michael Malouf (205)


Brendan Daly (242)

Fred Malouf (205)


Adam Troiano (205)


Carl Shishmnian (242)


Stuart Feldman (205)


David Sawin (205)


Charles Belden (205)


David Hall (205)


Gregory Monahan (242)

Ara Shishmanian (242)


German Abeledo (242)


Jon Collins (205)


Barry DuMoulin (205)

Jack Polsky (205)

Paul Sawin (205)

Peter Shields (242)

Michael Shockett (205)


Mark Dinkel (242)

Mark MacFarlane (219)

Eric Schwartz (205)

Douglas Smith (205)

Eric Smith (205)


Albert Carpenter (219)


Fraser Gurd (219)

Alan Silken (242)


Theodore Brown (219)

Clifton Dean (219)

Kenneth Giles (219)


Frank Staszesky (219)


Nikolas Page (205) Nikolas's Eagle Project was to build a permanent orienteering course in Cold Spring Park. A number of control points were setup throughout the park to enable future orienteering skills training and enjoyment.

Zachary Lobel (205) Zachary's Eagle Scout Project involved working with the City of Newton Urban Forestry Department to document the ecological benefits of private urban trees in Newton using a model (iTree Eco). The project gathered information on 387 trees from 34 properties used to seed the model to help provide greater awareness of the benefits of private urban trees